The Australian taxation system is a mix of direct and indirect taxes charged by both the Commonwealth and State governments, depending on the type of tax. Income tax is the most important form of taxation in Australia, collected by the federal government through the (ATO) Australian Taxation Office. Supported through tax collections, Australians enjoy access to a good health system, quality education and a variety of community facilities. People and businesses pay tax money to the Australian Government to provide services including health, education, defence, roads and railways and social security services like Centrelink Australia. The amount of tax you pay depends on whether you are an Australian resident for tax purposes, how much income you earn, whether you have more than one job and whether you have a tax file number (TFN) or an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Tax laws in Australia are becoming increasingly complex. It’s become difficult to manage taxation because of the ongoing Covid19 situation, messing up regular business practices. SMG Group will always provide you with the best taxation solutions for your business performance to grow and succeed while staying current and up to date with any new laws and regulations. Our effective team of multi-disciplinary tax professionals hold a remarkable track record full of experience and expertise. With rich technical and diversified industrial knowledge, SMG is committed to working with clients to make the best of the current situation, find new opportunities and manage risks successfully. Some of the key business issues we can help with include Withholding tax, Tax compliance, Fuel tax credits, Payroll tax, Tax litigation support, Salary packaging , Funding options.

We believe there is a need for an informed and intelligent conversation on tax reform, and we are leading this conversation both with the government and with the broader community. High-growth entrepreneur, midsize company, family business or market leader. Whatever the nature of your business we have the tools, the local presence and the sophisticated, up-to-date regulatory knowledge to help you. As a one-stop destination to all your accounting and financial advisory needs, SMG takes pride in delivering timely, accurate and expert financial solutions that catalyse your business growth in the right track. our versatile team of corporate/indirect tax specialists, advisers & consultants will provide you with timely assistance to move through any tax related situation in the smoothest way possible.