Check out our Cash Flow Management Tips:

Focus On the Cash Flow

Adjust your business accounts and create a report to observe the incoming and outgoing money. A cash flow report will help you monitor your money flow and you can easily manage your cash flow to keep your business successful.

Keep Cash Reserved

The best practice to run a business is to maintain an amount of money as a safety for future use. Business owners should keep a fixed amount that will be sufficient to run a business for at least six months.

Get Paid

Send an invoice after delivering the products or services or completing the work so that you can get paid quickly. Before sending the invoice make sure your invoice is clear, easily readable, and has a method of payment that you accept..

Methods of Payment

You can use various online payment methods such as net banking, Google pay, Paypal, etc to get paid fast. If your product is delivered at home, it is important to use phone payment methods.

Utilise Technology

Use cloud base storage spreadsheets or update your cash flow spreadsheet on the cloud so that you can manage your business cash flow from anywhere, at any time. 

Sell Your Unused Assets

Sell out assets that you don’t need any longer to generate quick cash. It’s better than holding the unused assets or inventory.

Minimise your Expenses

Make a detailed report on all your expenses. Track your expenses and minimise them as much as you can. Negotiate with your suppliers, landlord or creditor to get some discount to reduce expenses.

Cash Flow Monitoring  

Assign the monitoring of your work over cash flow to a trusted cash flow management company. The company should have information about your finances, especially about your business. At SMG Accounting , we are the leading experts in cash flow management.

We understand a cash flow crisis can be financially and emotionally daunting. But we can assist in developing both short-term cash flow projections to help you manage daily cash, and long-term cash flow projections that lets you develop the necessary capital strategy to boost your business.

We can advise you of the peaks and troughs in your cash flow, monitoring actual results against budgeted performance. We also prepare historical cash flow statements to help you have an understanding about where your money has gone and how it’s been used. We build an iterative model of finance, to test the real cash flow status of the business and the allied factors that determine your business growth.