Cashflow Management

Maintaining a healthy cash flow position in today’s dynamic business environment is not an easy task. To maintain cash effectively, it takes vast experience and sharp expertise in financial aspects. Cash flow is not a single entity but a function of various elements and variables that directly/indirectly influence the growth and success of a business. More over, it is not a one-time activity but a continuous operation. At SMG we carefully study the capital parts of your business, like credit policy and terms, inventory and its influence on the cash flow, pain point areas and more that show the gaps to be filled in your organizational finance chart. In fact, for every new project that you begin, forecasting the fund requirements for it is mandatory and cash flow management plays a big role in it too.

At SMG we leverage on

  • Our team’s vast experience in with various Investment firms and hence a solid understanding of the financial model at various scenarios.
  • Ourinternalstrengths and capabilitiesgrown by executionof cash flow management workouts for business
  • Our personalized approach towards your financial aspects
  • Our ability to build an iterative model of finance, to test the real cash flow status of the business and the allied factors that determine your growth
  • Examining the key business factors that have an impact on the cash flow of your business and carefully analyzing it to map growth
  • Periodical management of cash flow and financial risks

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