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As a one-stop destination to all your accounting and financial advisory needs, SMG takes pride in delivering timely, accurate and expert financial solutions that catalyze your business growth in the right track. Considering your business is our business, we provide the best financial accounting services around Rooty Hill, Mount Druitt, Blacktown, Dharruk, Minchinbury, Penrith and Greater Sydney region. SMG’s team has a great reputation for delivering timely, accurate and expert financial solutions.

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About SMG

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Our Objective

Our Mission and Vision

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Our Team

Our Team

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Our Services

SMG offers a range of services that promote financial stability of your organization.

Taxation Services

SMG’s effective team of multi-disciplinary tax professionals holds a remarkable track record of experience and expertise. With the rich technical and diversified industrial knowledge, SMG is committed to working with clients to make the best of the opportunities and manage risks successfully. We owe our success to client-centric approach we take and the exclusive tailor-made solutions that we cater according to the individual’s needs. Be it an Individual, Partnership firms, Sole trader, Trusts, Companies, SMSF, Associations etc. our versatile team of corporate/indirect tax specialists/advisers, lawyers & consultants aid you with timely assistance to move through any tax related situationin a smooth way. The range of key business issues we deal includes the following.

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Accounting Services

When it comes to accounting, it is not just about preparing the regular financial statements and aiding the annual meet requirements. There is a lot more on the table to be taken care of, to make sure the vision and mission of your organization is on track. Our focus is always towards your goals and the milestones set to realize it.
A good accounting system is the reflections of a good reporting status existing in a firm, which extends ahead into the good books of success in various ways. At SMG, we make sure all information available is duly recorded, aptly organized and work out well in all the critical aspects. Whether it’s the precise software or the reliable team, SMG puts forth the client’s interest ahead of everything and makes sure all the procedures, methods and approaches bring out the best to the organization.

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SMSF Services

Saving through superannuation is a tax-effective option that can make your savings grow faster.

More choice with a self-managed superannuation fund

In Australia, Superannuation is considered close to one’s heart as an important asset for saving during the working life and reserving funds into the retirement phase is vital. The good news is one can also manage the superannuation funds through self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF). When it comes to SMSF, SMG caters an array of potent benefits:

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Bookkeeping Services

Whether it’s regarding a startup or a small business or an established firm, book keeping becomes an important and a routine task to be attended to. SMG offers you convenient book keeping services with reduced time and flexible control options. The team of qualified bookkeepers, work seamlessly with you and make sure your track record Is flawless on the papers. With the latest software in place, SMG makes sure the output is always outstanding and accurate.

Our bookkeeping services include essentials like Revenue Reconciliation with Bank Deposits, Inventory Management, Bank Reconciliations, Recording and Reconciling Payroll Transactions, Electronic Document Management, Accounts Payable Management, Accounts Receivable Management and more.

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Payroll Services

Every business requires payroll. But guess what? With an efficient payroll system, you can aspire to more than just what you could do with payroll and the vice versa.

Quicker, simpler payroll unlocks discernments, enhances compliance, and promotes the capital management in human resources. If you look closely, payroll isn’t about just paying the people. When we look at all the areas touched by the Payroll services, there is a huge potential that we can tap into if planned smartly.

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Cashflow management

Maintaining a healthy cash flow position in today’s dynamic business environment is not an easy task. To maintain cash effectively, it takes vast experience and sharp expertise in financial aspects. Cash flow is not a single entity but a function of various elements and variables that directly/indirectly influence the growth and success of a business. More over, it is not a one-time activity but a continuous operation. At SMG we carefully study the capital parts of your business, like credit policy and terms, inventory and its influence on the cash flow, pain point areas and more that show the gaps to be filled in your organizational finance chart. In fact, for every new project that you begin, forecasting the fund requirements for it is mandatory and cash flow management plays a big role in it too.

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Cost Management & Efficiency

SMG holds a team with extensive experience on costing and pricing.
Our service includes:

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Management Accounting

Management accounting is a centralexercise of running a business efficiently. It empowers clients to study their business and make pre-planned business decisions and well-forecasted projections. Be it maximizing profit or analyzing critical issues, management accounting serves to be the crux of it. At SMG, we understand this and more as we partner with clients to locate the driving factors of business and make sure the accounts aligned to it are in good track and shape, continuously.

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Home/Investment loan health check

A home/investment loan health check is a free and flexible discussion, eyed at refining your home/investment loan and revealing any prospective ways to save your time and money.

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